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Sony Bravia KDL55W800C Review

This 55-inch 3D-capable 1080p LED TELEVISION from Sony, just underneath the business's flagship 1080p series for 2015, provides excellent high-definition display quality, but its 3D performance was substandard. The established, that includes a dark bezel and sterling silver stand, uses Google's Google android TV smart Television platform. The arranged claims to truly have a "Motionflow XR 960" rate; actually, it's a 120Hz established with backlight scanning that will the average job reducing movement blur.

Thanks to it is Google android TV-based smart Television platform the collection has usage of Google Ensemble for loading from cellular devices, plus Play Store apps, in addition to many loading services. It works with tone of voice search when utilizing a suitable Android device. IT has four HDMI inputs, and can hook up to a radio subwoofer.

•Excellent HD image detail
•Excellent color accuracy

•Edge detail is over improved slightly
•Slight backlight nonuniformity
• Limited viewing position
•Image quality in 3D mode is fifty percent 1080p HD
•Image has some flicker in 3D setting


This model had excellent high-definition display quality. It do a great job displaying the best possible fine detail from HD content. Sides of items in the image stood out too much because of over-enhancement. Color precision was excellent, so colors, flesh tones especially, appeared very lifelike and natural. Contrast--the difference between your darkest blacks and brightest whites--was good, so images got sizing and depth, typical of all models. The lighting level was good, which makes it the right choice for some rooms. Dark levels were good generally, much less dark as better performers on the darkest moments though. There was noticeable banding (unnatural curves) on moments with subtly shaded light-to-dark areas, like a sky during sunset, than smooth transitions rather. There was small display non-uniformity that created brighter cloudy areas most obvious on very dark moments (or in the dark bars of the letterboxed movie). We routinely see this presssing concern with LCDs and severity may differ from Television to Television. Film mode procedure for HD film-based content was excellent, without noticeable jaggies along the sides of items during motion moments. Deinterlacing was very good, with reduced jaggies noticeable when switching 1080i video content, such as from wire, to the display's indigenous resolution.


This Sony has an average viewing angle overall, decent, however, not quite as effective as the better-performing LCD sets. The perfect seats position for best display quality is before it directly. If your loved ones is sitting in chair off to the comparative part of it, they'll see good but affected image quality.
Whenever we moved off to the family member edges the horizontal looking at position was good; the picture demonstrated a slight lack of color, plus a moderate color change. Black levels brightened visibly, reducing comparison. When observing the image from above or below eyes level to the display screen, the vertical looking at position was very good. The picture demonstrated minimal change in color, comparison, and dark level.


This Sony TV has good action performance, with some blurring on action tests. Though this model includes Motionflow, an attribute made to reduce movement blur, we found it was only effective mildly.


Though much less mirror-like as on some LCDs, this screen surface is glossy and susceptible to reflections from a close by lamp or window therefore. The display is dark so that it will a good job reducing glare from ambient light and maintains comparison even in a shiny room.


The entire 3D effect was only fair, below that of the better 3D sets. 3D images generally demonstrated effective depth but with a visible degree of ghosting (still left eye/right vision crosstalk) on 3D test patterns and on a multitude of 3D program content. We didn't see any upsurge in ghosting when observing at off sides. Images conveyed fifty percent 1080p, or 540 lines of quality to each optical attention; there was noticeable lack of vertical details in comparison with models with the capacity of 3D at full 1080p. 3D image content demonstrated noticeable jaggies and moire on details because of the lack of half of the lines. There is also some recognizable image flicker even as we viewed 3D programs which became less distracting the greater we viewed, but did increase viewing fatigue.


This TV has good sound quality; about average among the Televisions. When viewing a movie blockbuster, a concert, or Television show, it delivers good performance but falls lacking the better performers. With films, dialog was clear sounding generally, though a little muffled, while staying well balanced regarding vocals and other noises. Bass expansion was lacking, but treble was detailed, as the overall sound was on the shiny side, and a little closed in. They have a good quantity range therefore the Television should play sufficiently noisy in typical room conditions. Most will see this audio quality acceptable.


Overall, we found the place simple to use. Setting up it for the very first time was straightforward, as was usage of features and handles you'll probably modify only once. Convenience of usage of features you utilize more regularly was very good typically. Also, the remote control is great, and the on-screen menu is simple to navigate.

The dark against dark labeling of the connectors on it console is very hard to learn. It lacks an ardent menu button on the tv console, and that means you can't gain access to the menu if you lose the remote. The remote's major function control keys were sufficiently large and also have high-contrast labeling, making them simpler to see and navigate.


Mounting the support stand to it straightforward is rather, needing the assembly of the few parts before mounting.


This TV provides advanced Internet capability. Features include usage of a collection of applications via Google Play or Sony Select Movie loading services.


This TV includes four HDMI inputs, one shared connection between your component and composite inputs (therefore you can only just use one type or the other at the same time), optical digital sound out, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, and Wi-Fi. Cellular connection includes: DLNA network document writing. HDMI and analog internet connections designed to the rear-facing -panel will protrude beyond the panel's slender depth.


The TV includes: a printed user manual, an electric manual in the TV's menu, an instant start guide, and a remote with batteries.


The Sony Bravia KDL-55W800C is a 55-inch LCD HDTV with an indigenous resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p). This Television has a 3D setting that requires the utilization of special eyeglasses to see three-dimensional images. It comes with an LED backlight. Compared to the basic 60Hz rather, they have a faster 960Hz body rate, an attribute made to reduce movement blur.

This model is Internet-enabled and can access online content, including loading Television and movie services. It comes with an Ethernet jack port for a wired link with your home network with a cable. This Television is Wi-Fi able also, so it can be linked by you to your home network wirelessly. It really is DLNA accredited, which means you can view digital photos stored on the compatible computer, mobile phone, or other mobile device linked to your home network also.

This set has 4 HDMI inputs and 1 component-video inputs, which doubles as a composite-video input also. They have 2 USB slots also, which might be used to try out media--photos, videos, and music--stored on the flash drive.

The Sony Bravia KDL-55W800C measures 29.75 inches high by 48.5 inches wide by 8.375 inches deep, including its base. The -panel itself is 2.5 inches wide thick including any protrusions, and the display has a glossy finish. The bezel framing the display screen is matte black

The warranty upon this TV covers parts/labor for 12/12 a few months, respectively. Other display screen sizes in this model range include: Bravia KDL-50W800C (50")

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